North Carolina man ‘forgot’ about $195,935 lottery ticket


A North Carolina man said he almost missed out on a $195,935 lottery prize when he forgot that he had bought a ticket.

Gregory Warren, of Franklinville, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he bought a quick pick ticket for the Sept. 29 Cash 5 drawing at the BP store in Asheboro.

“I don’t buy lottery tickets very often,” Warren said. “It just so happens I picked a good day to buy one!”

Warren said he didn’t find out he had won half of the $391,870 jackpot until days later, when he came across the ticket and checked the numbers.

“I forgot about it,” Warren said of the ticket.

The winner took home $138,624 after required state and federal withholdings.

“I think I’m going into business for myself mowing yards,” Warren said. “I’ve got a 14-year-old son and I wanna get a business started so that he’ll have something to do when he graduates from high school.”