Baseball Fan Catches Foul Ball. What He Does Next Is Heartwarming


The Internet, with all its cons, is still a great place to be. Once in a while it shows us a heart-warming clip, and that reinstates our faith in the goodness of humans. In a video that surfaced this week, we can see the kindness showed by a young boy, and it will tug at your heartstrings. The clip is from a game of baseball between the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs in Philadelphia on Wednesday (September 15) night. The incident occurred when the ball soared into the stands. While a little girl and a boy ran towards to get the ball, the boy managed to catch it first.
The 10-year-old boy, evidently delighted, raised his hand and showed the ball to the camera. However, the girl was left heartbroken for not having got to it first. Upset, she began crying. The boy then quickly – and unselfishly – gave the ball to her, which stopped her tears.

CBS News identified the boy as Aaron Pressley, 10, and the girl as Emma Brady, 7.

Since being shared, the video has raked up over 6,200 likes and been retweeted 530 times. It has been viewed nearly 9 lakh times and garnered mixed reactions.

One user wrote, “I truly believe we are all born with kindness in our hearts. Unfortunately, something happens over our lifetime that changes some people. I hope this next generation can keep the love in their hearts like this young man showed. That is a proud parent moment.”

“I was like it just didn’t feel right having the ball and knowing that somebody is crying so I had to just give it to her,” Aaron said.